Bay Window

bay-window-softliteBay Window

No other windows can change the look and feel of a room like the Bay or Bow window. These windows come with a SuperSeat™ insulated seat board providing increased energy efficiency. Choose double hung or casement style windows in 10 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree or 45 degree three-window bays. Bow windows are available in 10 degree and 15 degree four-window, 10 degree five-window, or 10 degree six-window models.

The interior face of our hardwood veneer lumber is hand-selected for book-matched seams with color and grain consistency and features no knots or glue lines. Each seat is whole-piece faced or minimally seamed for exceptional wood quality resulting in excellent stain and finish appearance.

An uncommon aesthetic enhancement, edge banding wraps and protects the revealed edges of the hardwood veneer for durable protection against moisture and to enhance the finished appearance of the installed unit.

Strategic main-frame and sash chambers are fully insulated with ComfortFoam, an environmentally friendly CFC free foam insulation. ComfortFoam™ filled vinyl frames are superior in insulating properties to all other type of multi-chambered hollow Vinyl, fiberglass and solid wood windows. Low-e glass with argon gas fill standard. Additional glass enhancements are available.


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